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Can also refer to a native people of the Pacific Northwest, or winds not to be confused with Taku winds.

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Center of Gravity CG - The longitudinal and lateral point in an aircraft where it is stable; the static balance point. Controlled Airspace- A generic term including all airspace classes in which ATC services are available.

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Common Traffic Advisory Frequency CTAF - A communications radio frequency for reporting positions while operating to or from an airport without an operating control tower. Using radio commands, a Tower Controller directs aircraft movement, such as clearances to land, takeoff, etc. A Ground Controller directs taxi movement. Elevator- A horizontal, movable control surface on the tail of an airplane that changes its pitch and therefore, angle of attack. Empty weight- the weight of the structure of an aircraft, its powerplant, and all of the fixed equipment.

Eskimo- Indigenous peoples of the circumpolar region, from Siberia to Greenland. Refers to Yupik, and Inuit. A third group, the Aleut, is related. Ebooks and Manuals

Federal regulations governing air transportation. Not required, and often not used, for noncommercial or local flights. Flap- A movable, usually hinged airfoil set in the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, designed to increase lift as the plane slows. General Aviation- Any aircraft flown by other than major and regional airlines or the military. Go Around- Aborting or abandoning a landing by climbing out.

Usually followed by a return for another landing. Ground Speed- The actual speed that an aircraft travels over the ground. Like a boat traveling upriver, a headwind will slow the forward speed, a tailwind increases it. Headwind— A wind that is blowing in the opposite direction the aircraft is flying, thereby impeding its forward airspeed. Instrument- any device indicating the attitude, altitude, or operation of an aircraft or aircraft part.

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IFR Instrument Flight Rules - Operation of aircraft primarily by instrument reference, including onboard flight instruments and radio beacons precisely guiding aircraft, often through clouds and low visibility. Landing gear- The wheels, floats, skis, and any attachments that support the airplane when it is resting on the ground or water.

Nautical Mile- Knot The most common distance measurement in aviation. A nautical mile is equivalent to 1. N-Number- Tail Number Federal government aircraft registration numbers.

Pancake landing- an aircraft landing procedure in which the aircraft is on an even plane with the runway. As the aircraft reduces speed and lift, it drops to the ground in a flat or prone attitude. Pattern- the flight pattern an aircraft must follow when approaching the airport for landing and when leaving the airport after taking off.

Radial engine- A reciprocating aircraft engine in which all of the cylinders are arranged radially, or spoke-like, around a small crankcase. Also referred to as round engines. Rudder- The movable vertical control surface used to rotate the airplane about its vertical axis.

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The pilot operates the rudder by the movement of the foot pedals in the cockpit. Solo- Flying alone, especially as a beginner.

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Student pilots are permitted to undertake some flights solo to build experience without a flight instructor on board. Stall- Not to be confused with engine operation.

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Occurs when a plane loses its lift and falls. Pilots train for stall prevention, recognition and recovery. Recovering from a stall requires adding full power and lowering the nose further to regain speed, then pulling back up and climbing out. Special VFR- An exemption from VFR cloud clearance and visibility requirements, issued by a tower to an aircraft when traffic is light.

Sucker Hole- A tiny break in the clouds, tempting a pilot to squeeze through, only to close up at the last minute. Tachometer- an instrument that measures the rotating speed of an engine in revolutions per minute RPM or in percent of the maximum RPM. Different from Eskimo.

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Touch and Go- Landing an aircraft and then immediately taking off again. A technique to practice takeoffs and landings.

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Idiot Laura Clery Inbunden. Clouddancer's Alaskan Chronicles e-bok av Clouddancer. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. At a certified average of 1. Even non-aviators can comfortably follow along as drama and nail biting suspense usually result in knee slapping good, clean humor.