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If yes, you will be redirected to our Teen Link peer line. If no, you will be redirected to our Hour Crisis Line. Get Connected. We now offer peer support for veterans, by veterans! Learn More. See what's new at Crisis Connections! Download our Fall Newsletter.

About Crisis Connections. Find Resources. My experience as a volunteer has made me feel more connected to my community. It's been humanizing.


New Programs. CC Cares. Operation: Veteran Support Line. Recent Posts. Sight Connection Announces Closure June 28, State of Homelessness Report April 25, Upcoming Events. Ensuring that their self guided experience is optimized can be the difference between a potential customer choosing to engage with you or another organization in your industry.

This effect can be multiplied even further by ensuring their experience throughout the customer lifecycle exceeds their original expectation. Join Acrolinx Head of Customer Mike Provenzano, along with Julie Ogilvie SiriusDecisions and Laura Bellamy VMware as they walk through the inflection points from prospect through duplicative value that can build lasting customer relationships. After a day in the Liberty's inside space, our inmates oops Hopefully by now, you've had a chance to look around.

The preserved jail cells within the hotel restaurant and wrought-iron work on the windows are just two examples of preservation. Remember the first time you heard the term Inbound Marketing? Rather, Hubspot shined a light on a process that needed a framework, KPIs, and best practices. Meet Active Content Governance. Active Content Governance ACG is a practice that encompasses programmatic and deliberate practice of quality practices, introduction and use of KPIs, AI-assisted writer guidance, structured and scalable content review, and automated processes.

In this session, we'll dive into ACG, how it works, how you benefit, and how to get started. You'll leave this session charged up and ready to become a believer. Great content has a purpose and aligning that purpose to your organizations business drivers should be the goal of every organization. Understanding the value that Acrolinx delivers is easy, measuring the value is a challenge. However, innovations that are taking place this year will make this task much easier. This is a topic that you want to have your fingerprints all over.

In , Massachusetts General Hospital acquired this "obsolete property" and sought proposals for its reuse, requiring that significant elements of the building be preserved. And here we are at Content Connections Are you ready to see magic happen before your eyes? In this session, Ulrich and Peter will show you the starting point for a magical content journey and deliver the insights you need to transform your content. Don't go too far. But rest assured, if you do, you'll end up right back here after lunch.

No one escapes. June 25, June 26, June 27, 60 min - am. The SiriusDecisions State of B-to-B Content Study uncovered an alarming fact: 83 percent of all respondents indicated that less than 75 percent of their content was used internally or externally in the last two years. The same study showed a strong correlation between content quality and content waste.

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Teams that showed significantly higher use of their marketing content both internally and externally were 50 percent more likely to cite low quality as the reason content went unused. It's reasonable to conclude that marketing teams that reduced content waste did so principally through improving content quality, i. The content team at HSBC. Why we exist and why we looked to automation to help us.

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Use cases within a financial services organisation. We work with a variety of content types and each requires its own approach.

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What we see in our organisation and how we are looking at Acrolinx as part of the solution to them. For some years now at least half the marketing world has been discussing "content marketing". But this time comes to an end, the term "content marketing" will soon no longer have a function. On the one hand, every form of marketing must meet the high demands of attention-diminished target groups: Marketing without "content" is therefore hardly conceivable.

On the other hand, there is still "content" in many other disciplines, not only in marketing: content therefore goes far beyond marketing. Mirko Lange, the founder and managing director of Scompler, often referred to as "the German Content Pope", shows in his inspiring lecture that the idea of "content" goes far beyond the boundaries of silos. What is needed is a comprehensive change in all communication, and this means orienting oneself in every respect to the needs of the target groups. Those who do not take this into account will simply not be considered in the future.

To stay up with creating quality content well-tuned to various audiences, humans need to partner with machines. And, fortunately for all of us, Acrolinx software is one such valuable machine-based partner. Dell EMC has been using Acrolinx and working with the company since to make the value of Acrolinx real across our organization.

Join Andrew as he takes you on a forward-looking journey for Acrolinx. So, what are you waiting for? And come and find out what Acrolinx is doing about it! From all human sensory organs, it is the visual perception that captures the external impressions the fastest. That is why not only most people, but also many companies, attach great importance to their appearance.

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They dress in logos and uniform, expressive colors and forms. What is often too short in companies is the potential of language. The human brain does not grasp language as quickly as visual impressions, but it stores information better and more long-term.

Therefore, three elements have been defined and are processed across several departments at CLAAS: accuracy terminology , comprehensibility style and recognizability tonality. Arm is a leading developer of technology that is licensed to semiconductor companies. This talk will explore that journey. How are we updating our technical writing guidelines, and our Acrolinx guidelines and term sets, to treat less formal language? How can we address the challenges of global audiences, and the needs of both technical and non-technical writers at Arm?

How does Acrolinx help Arm connect its users with the clear, consistent information they need, when they need it? Important Details: We will meet at pm in the conference hotel lobby for a 20 minute walk along the Spree river to the German Federal Parliament. If you prefer to get there on your own, please meet us at pm at the visitors center Besucherdienst of the German Federal Parliament at the following address: Deutscher Bundestag Besucherdienst Platz der Republik 1 Berlin Please be on time! All visitors have to pass a security check before entering the German Federal Parliament.

So please bring your ID card with you. At pm, we'll start in groups with a guided tour through the impressive glass dome of the building.

Collect data once with Segment

You'll enjoy it for sure! Join Mike as walks through the inflection points from prospect through duplicative value that can build lasting customer relationships. Content is how we transmit knowledge, so every company needs content competence. But with distributed content creators, multiple tools and multiple ways of working, content competence is often elusive.

In this session, you will learn how Philips uses an enterprise content framework to establish a common content language, align content stakeholders behind a common strategy, and begin executing a multi-year content transformation. When Volvo started using Acrolinx in , they had 3 users. Since then, there has been an ongoing work to spread Acrolinx throughout Volvo. Today, Acrolinx is available for a wide range of content types within 17 business units, all with different needs and demands. This session presents the work that enabled this transition, the challenges that have been faced and important insights.

A significant part of the process has been harmonizing the content for global reuse.

This session demonstrates how KONE set up the process and target metrics for the global community to encourage and enforce global standards and content control with Acrolinx. The session will present how Danfoss Drives will enable their customers to get the full use of the controlled, modular, intelligent and unified product guidance. Pasi Savola will give an update on the digital development and content control, with a glimpse to their troubleshooting chatbot utilizing the well-toned content.