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First, the words themselves. The lists below — 25 of each of the most used nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs plus a bonus list — are sort of a middle-ground between vocabulary for informal conversations heavy on prepositions, adverbs, and verbs and vocabulary for understanding news more nouns and adjectives. Think of it as a well-rounded base. So here we go:. Now, these lists are not specific to a particular delivery mode or literary genre. But they provide a good starting point.

So now you have out of some of the most frequently used Russian words. But each time you memorize a noun, a verb or an adjective, you have to also memorize its plural form. For each verb you will need to remember its past, present and future tenses.

When and how to use a dictionary – and when NOT to use a dictionary!

For each verb and adjective — their feminine, masculine and neuter forms. To make things more interesting, search for news articles that have these words in their headlines. You can use Google Translate or any other translation tool you prefer to translate the headlines to get a better idea of how a word is used in the sentence.

Also, search for some idioms, folk wisdom, and popular quotes that use your word. Sure, going through all the words this way might take you a while. But in the end, you will learn some of the most useful and frequently used Russian words. Of course, you will not yet speak like a Russian, but you will already understand more. Note: this sentence, although a bit awkward, uses only the word from the above lists.

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Thank you, Elena! Could you use it in a sentence please? Thank you! Hope this helps you. Tewodros :. Diederik Maynard :. Thank you so much for this vocabulary list. Jamaica: a small estate on which grass is grown and sold for fodder, and occasionally some smaller livestock is farmed. Any of various devices or machines for sowing grass seed. The sowing of grass seed. Now somewhat rare. Nothing at all, absolutely nothing.

Corporal punishment applied with a hickory switch or similar implement. To cover a certain distance in a kayak; to travel along, over, or through a specified region, route, etc. In singular and plural.

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Frequently with the. Idleness, laziness, esp. Idle, lazy. Usually in form poz. An obnoxious, annoying, or otherwise objectionable person; an idiot. Frequently as a disparaging form of address.

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In Southampton, New York: a name given to the artificial inlet regularly cut between Mecox Bay and the sea. Grounded in actual practices, experiences, or interactions; dependent on or determined by circumstances or social context. The action of placing an injured part or parts of the body in a position which favours healing.

The buttocks, the bottom. Hunting and Angling. To fail to make a single kill or catch. A person with an arrogant, swaggering manner; a boaster, a braggart. To fertilize land using manure made from sprats.

As the second element in compounds, as gold-sprent, red-sprent, etc. North American and Australian. Australian and New Zealand. To injure another player, a limb, etc.

Real Vocabulary Quiz, Question 3: Is it OK to use “disinterested” to mean “not interested”?

A person who is responsible for studding or maintaining the boots of a team, etc. The action or practice of fitting a shoe or boot with spikes or studs to improve grip. To induce or cause a seed or root to sprout or germinate, esp. Originally: a simple graphical element that, while part of a larger image, can be moved or otherwise altered independently.

An apparatus or device that squirts or sprays liquid.

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Short for spritz cookie n. Usually with of. A small amount or quantity of something, esp. To bear, bring forth, or produce new plants or plant growth , esp.

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A person who grows, produces, or develops something specified. A plant, tree, seed, etc. A child or young person who grows or develops, esp. Originally: a person who removes sprouts from a potato tuber. To discourse on a subject in a public forum; to promote or publicize something. Now generally considered offensive. Designating an act of devotion, or of remission or forgiveness of sin, intended to help the soul of a dead person in purgatory. Often with modifying word.

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Designating a letter issued by a religious house, order, guild, etc. To enrol or register someone as a citizen or burgess. People who have titles of high social rank, such as peerages or knighthoods, as a class. Of the dosage of a drug or other treatment: adjusted by incremental changes to achieve a desired response or outcome cf. Scottish Orkney and Shetland. To shiver, to tremble. Breast milk. Tremor or nodding movement of the head or trunk, esp.

By way of title; by right. A listing, an inventory. Each of the titular churches in Rome to which a cardinal priest is now assigned. To slide or travel rapidly down a slope or incline. To transport, slide, or drag someone or something , usually across snow or down an incline. That serves as a symbol or perfect embodiment; powerfully symbolic or emblematic. Passing through an ilium ilium n.

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Alternate titles might have been "5 Ways to Write Great Sentences" or "5 Ways to Write Remarkable Sentences" … and frankly there are probably more that would have worked well. EasyDefine Account System Save your word lists! By creating an account you have the ability to save your wordlists for use at a later time. Sentences www. Twelve letter words with this property include happenchance and shanghaiings.